Board of Directors

The importance of Boys & Girls Club leadership cannot be overstated.  Volunteer leaders represent the strength and diversity of our Club.  The Board has three basic roles:  establish strategic direction; help secure resources; and provide oversight.  The Board plays a significant role — along with staff, donors and volunteers — in supporting the Formula for Impact that ensures children and youth who regularly attend the Club achieve academic success, develop good character & citizenship, and observe healthy lifestyles.

Board Officers

Andy Ellis
Kerri Winter
Vice President
Kurt Zimmer
Mike Solida

Board of Directors

Jill Campbell
Brent Dinkel
Bev Fulton
Nancy Knopp
Josh Kyle - Past President
Nathan Redeker
Adrian Rodriguez
Preston Schotte
Zach Sheppard
Lucas Shivers
Logan Steiner
Nicholas Whitney
Emily Wehling

Board of Governors

Russell Briggs
Phil Howe
Dennis Mullin
Bernard Pitts
Wayne Sloan
Rob Stitt